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Your Skin has a Story to Tell, listen and let it be heard.

There is not a “One Way” fit that applies to all with skin care, nor is there a perfect meal suitable for all of us. Yet with our skin, we try to find that miracle in a bottle, that expensive solution that usually ends up in a drawer or we do nothing at all and hope for the best, that was me. When we look into the mirror, whatever is wrong with our skin, we look outside of ourselves to find that fix. Rarely do we ask the WHY, yet the reasons for problems are different for each of us, and the answers cannot always be found in a bottle or tube. So what is the best skin care routine for you? Is what you are doing now effective, affordable and simple? Here you will discover the imbalances that may present themselves on your skin and learn how to create the essential balance in a simple, practical way. In addition we will discuss how the seasonal changes do affect us all in uniquely different ways.