Kapha – Water and Earth

Common Physical and Mental Characteristics

kapha-video-scrnshtWhen a person “has both feet on the ground” or is “down to earth”, their primary dosha is probably Kapha, the elements of Earth and Water. They tend to have a thicker build and may put on weight easily. They have a curvy body and are often slightly taller than the average. Their hair is dark and thick and their skin is soft, oily and cool to touch. Many of us experience Kapha skin before our menstrual cycle and with high stress. When in balance it is the kind of skin every person wishes they could have. They are calm, stable, dependable and a good provider. When out of balance, they may be easily depressed, stubborn, but add some lively music with a strong beat, then turn up the volume and their back in balance.

Kapha Skin

Overactive skin is thicker skin that tends to get congested with dead cells, sebum and other debris. This skin type does not easily react to internal or external influences; it is generally more resilient and sturdy. Its primary weakness may lie in its tendency toward sluggishness, congestion and oiliness that may cause acne.

There are two types of oily skin which should be understood. The first is called oily skin, which may have a shiny wet appearance. The second is called clogged oily skin which has a tendency to collect hardened sebum and dead cells within the skin pores. The outer layer (epidermis) of skin feels dry and can be mistaken for dry skin.  Seasonal Adjustments:  Springtime may bring about more congestion and breakouts as the body is trying to eliminate toxins accumulated during the winter. During the summertime, there is usually an increase of surface oils, while in the cold season dryness can be experience, although the pores are congested.

Considerations when out of Balance

The successful treatment of oily skin requires patience, since excessive oil production is usually a symptom of an internal problem. Oiliness may not be completely eliminated, but the condition may be improved and manageable. It is important to pay particular attention during the months of March – May. Interested in learning more about your Dosha, Skin care and correcting the imbalances? Please see our Class Schedule for Ayurveda Skin Care.